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Character Info

Stephanie Gibson A.K.A. Suicide                    
Age: 21 (At time of death)
     Hair:  Black
     Eyes:  Pale Gray (she is dead after all)
     Height: 5'6
     Weight: 118
      Likes:  The fact her album went triple platinum, Ouchies, not
                 being able to be hurt anymore
      Dislikes: the fact her album went triple platinum AFTER she
                   died, finding Twitch's arm in her bed, being Kellis'
                   servant, contantly being impaled, dying a virgin, then
                   there's that whole being dead thing...

Is getting shot on your way home any way for a superhero to start a career?  Now that I think about it, yeah its a great way to start, but that doesn't mean Steph thinks it is.  If she had her way she would gladly go back to the hectic road life if it meant people would stop trying to kill her and sharp objects would stop finding their way into her stomach.

Stephanie was on her way home from a perfomance when she was gunned down in a random act of violence. After her car ran off the road she managed to stay alive for three days dying only hours before rescue workers found her car.  She then wakes up three years later to find herself a zombie servant to a crazy priestess, the dead her is more famous than she dreamed (though she can't enjoy it) and people keep trying to kill her....again. Whoever said death was peaceful didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

Twitch A.K.A. Abelard Wirt Brashaw Ulrich, VI
Age: 23 (at time of death)
     Hair:  light brown
     Eyes: pale gray (once again D E A D)
     Height: 6'1
     Weight: 140 (less without limbs)
     Likes:  women, trying to get in Steph's pants, having his body in one
                piece, dropping his arm in front of snot-nosed kids
     Dislikes: rats trying to run off with his fingers, his advanced state of decay,
                  when his eyes pop out because Steph hit him in the back of his
                  head too hard, his ex girlfriend, no sex, his name

In the car with Steph when the shooting took place, Twitch died instantly when he was shot in the head.  He woke up a month before Steph and couldn't be happier with his new undead life.   He doesn't have to worry about his crazy ass ex-girlfriend stalking him, he doesn't have his shitty job working for a corperation, and most of all his horrid name died with him.  Twitch still can't believe there were three men before him with that terrible name.  In fact the only bad thing Twitch sees in this whole deal is the fact his limbs keep falling off.

Kellis Miles                                         
Age: ??? (wouldnt say)
       Hair: dark brown
       Eyes: hazel
       Height:  5'4
       Weight: ??? (Wouldn't tell and I didn't want to die for asking)
       Likes: doing rituals without something going wrong, having two hands (zombie
                 servants) for the price of one, how many voodoo dolls have worked
       Dislikes: having her work disturbed, people trying to destroy her greatest
                    creation (Suicide), freelancing

Kellis is a woman of simple pleasures.  She her nights working in a morgue and her days dabbling in the dark arts.  She's been around for a long long time and in that time she has made her share of enemies as well.  Kellis is fairly high up in the occult scene and took it upon herself to bring Steph and Twitch back without approval.making many of those enemies put out contracts on her.   If only they truely understood who they were messing with.

Courtney "Chika" Yoshida A.K.A. Bunny Love
     Hair: black (though its currently purple)
     Eyes: blue (we think)
     Height: 5'0
     Weight: 105
     Likes: music (Gorillaz and Peelander Z her faves), weird baseball t-shirts,
               bunnies...um thats about it
     Dislikes: people making fun of her being Japanese, when the cat ears
                  come back without her knowing it...well she doesn't really
                  dislike that much stuff

Courtney is a girl of simple pleasures. Always laid back, she never really seems to get worried about anyting. Living with her father, mother, older sister, and younger brother has taught her to take whatever life can through at her in stride. Courtney is also the next guardian in line after her mother and thus curse to indure countless training sessions and her mother's endless complaining about her not taking her job seriously. But don't take this cat-girl lightly she is very skilled at what she does and takes great joy in kicking ass when the need arises. She chooses to hang around Steph for this very reason as it never fails to provide entertainment.

Kong Zhao-xia                                  
      Age: ???
      Hair: black
      Eyes: brown
      Height: 5'8
      Weight: 160
      Likes: meditating, his shades, his dojo, being left alone
      Dislikes: people messing up his dojo, loud people, his past

A quite man Zhao-xia spends his days teaching martal arts at his dojo in town. He tends to keep to himself about his past and personal life so he is very much a mystery to the people around him. More will be revealed about him as the story goes on.

Timmas Gibson                             
Age: 16
     Hair: black
     Eyes: brown
     Height: 5'11
     Weight: 120 (my God the boy is a stick)
     Likes: Courtney, when his parents remember he exists, eatting
     Dislikes: his sister being dead, his name, the fact girls don't notice him

Timmas was only 13 when his sister, Stephanie, died and probably took it the hardest of all. Extremely shy, and constantly ignored by his parents, Timmas' only relief from the world was talking to his sister. Three years later Timmas is trying to pull his life together and move on. He is an huge klutz and a hopeless blubbering idiot when he talks to girls but thats part of his charm, and he has come to terms with that. His only goal in life at the moment, other than getting the hell away from his crazy ass parents as soon as possible, is gaining some weight so he wont blow away in a wind storm. At least the boy has some sort of goal you have to at least give him that.

Felix Da La Hoya
    Age: 16
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 135
    Likes: spitting his game on the ladies, making fun of Timmas, chilling with Timmas, the way Stephanie looked in her clothes
    Dislikes: getting called short, the ladies not falling for his charms, things trying to eat him

A regular Don Juan, in his eyes anyway, Felix is usually on a never ending quest to find dates.  Yes this quest fails more often than not but the ever confidant Felix is not known to give up on a challenge. Felix can usually be found in the company of Timmas, tormenting the poor boy in some form or another.

   Age: ???
   Hair: black (if that is hair...)
   Eyes: white
   Height: varies
   Weight: varies
   Likes: eatting, Steph petting him, doing whatever it is that he does
   Dislikes: people messing with Steph

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